Rob Gronkowski took to Twitter on Friday morning, but not because of an update on his football future.

The entire NFL community is awaiting an answer from Gronk regarding his future in the NFL. The all-time great, in the meantime, is having some fun teasing fans lately.

On Friday morning, though, Gronkowski actually kept things serious. He sent Bruce Arians a heartfelt message following his retirement earlier this week.

Gronkowski is clearly going to miss him.

Thanks for the last 2 great years Coach, hopefully they let you keep riding around in your cart always keeping it real,” he said on Twitter.

How sweet. Now, Rob, will you let us know what your plans are? We’re not sure we can wait much longer.

There’s a very good chance Gronkowski returns to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to keep playing with Tom Brady. That’s exactly how Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports sees things playing out.

Well, I think that’s the situation,” La Canfora said, via CBS Sports HQ. “I don’t see him anywhere else, but Tampa if he plays (and he’s) given some indications that he does expect to play.

This is not somebody that needs to be there for the first day of lifting.

This is not somebody who needs to prove his worth during OTAs and earn Tom Brady’s grace and get in the inner sanctum of the circle of trust. He’s already embedded there

The band is essentially back.

“I believe Rob Gronkowski, at his own pace, will be back as well. They can use another tight end to even further fortify that offense. He’s a perfect fit. I think eventually, that comes to pass.”

We’d love at least one more year out of Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady. Brady did his part and un-retired. The ball is now in Gronk’s court.