Panthers Reportedly Moving On From Key Front Office Executive

Panthers Reportedly Moving On From Key Front Office Executive

The Panthers are reportedly parting ways with pro personnel director Matt Allen. Allen is a holdover from the Jerry Richardson Super Bowl era. He was hired by the team in his first job due to a family connection with Richardson. He worked in the equipment room while in high school. It is unclear if he will remain with the Panthers, or if he will move on to a different position.

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Panthers Reportedly Moving On From Key Front Office Executive

The Panthers announced on Tuesday that they are parting ways with their pro personnel director Matt Allen. While Allen worked with the team during their Super Bowl run, the NFL star was a longtime Panthers employee and wasn’t a fan favorite. With his departure, the team is looking for someone who can make the team competitive again. That means hiring someone with a proven track record of success.

While the Panthers have a lot of competition for the top spot in the NHL, they still have plenty of room to improve. Fortunately, there are a few key people who can help make the Panthers a contender. While there is speculation that Tom Glick may remain in his current position as the head coach, the current personnel will remain the same. In the end, however, the team’s GM will remain.


The Panthers have announced that they are parting ways with Matt Allen, their pro personnel director. He has been with the team for eight years and will replace Tom Glick as the team’s general manager. The move is a positive step for the franchise. It’s a good sign for the organization. This is another sign that ownership is putting the best people in the building. With Morgan in the mix, the Panthers will continue to move with purpose and confidence.

The Panthers have made a change in the front office. Kristi Coleman will be the new president. She will replace Tom Glick in the day-to-day business operations. As previously reported, this move was made after negotiations with Marc Bergevin and Lou Lamoriello. There are several other reasons why the team is changing. One of them is that it is concerned about its future.

Besides the Staff Accountant, the Panthers are also looking for a General Manager. They had spent three weeks searching for a new GM, but the front office feared it would have to make changes after the season. In the end, the GM position was vacant for several weeks. The Panthers are now looking for a proactive staff accountant. There are rumors that a new team will be able to hire a GM soon.

Replacement for Joel Quenneville

The Panthers will have a new GM for next season. After 10 years, Dale Tallon will be the new GM. The team paid him $50 million for his services, and he has made many changes to the front office. The Panthers are now attempting to find a new GM. This will likely involve an extensive search for the team. The Florida Panthers also plan to find a replacement for Joel Quenneville.

The Jaguars have filed for an executive vice president position. While the NFL usually takes a few months to process such requests, the team is moving on. Despite the lack of an executive vice president position, the team has a new president. The team is also expected to hire a CFO for the position. They will also search for a General Manager. Those changes will be responsible for ensuring that the Panthers are successful and that they have a healthy front office.

While Kelly’s role as GM is not yet clear, his tenure as a key front office executive is not. He has worked in the hockey league for 15 years and has served as the president of the Charlotte FC. His replacement is Joe LaBue, who was formerly the president of the Buffalo Bills. Currently, the Carolina Panthers are a member of the National Football League.

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